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Figure study, seated female nude, Florence Camm BA textiles, Clare Wright, 1997 Green perspex bikini, photographer unknown, c1970s Vestnick. Kostium (Ippolit), Bakst, Leon, as reproduced in Zolotoe Runo, 1906
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Welcome to the Digital Picture website.

The rise of digital images and their supporting technologies within arts education brings, without doubt, one of the biggest and most profound changes that the sector has ever seen. Everything, from teaching in the classroom to finding images in the library, is having to adapt to the new model. the Digital Picture has grown directly from a desire within arts education communities to explore these changes. Through an open consultation, everyone in our art colleges and university departments, in all parts of the UK and at every level, has a chance to affect the future.

The results have now been written up into a report, which can be accessed from here. With over 500 questionnaires completed, 128,000+ hits to the website, and over 250 people attending our expert seminars, the results are comprehensive and give a good picture of the impact of technology on art education. Furthermore, conclusions and potential solutions are summised in the report, alongside a review of relevant peer projects.

Other documentation including the questionnaire and press releases can be downloaded from the documents page. To find out more about how the project evolved, go to the background pages, and to contact us or get involved in the ongoing discussion please go the contacts page. While the consultation is officially over, the issues are ever changing, so please feel free to get involved, and watch this space for further developments.

Image of 'Canyon de Chelly' by Boyd and Evans, 1985, copyright: the artists.

“The Digital Picture is a very interesting development and we think the findings should prove to be essential reading for anyone involved in arts education.”

Boyd and Evans

Canyon de Chelly, photographic inkjet print, 2004, Boyd & Evans, © the artists

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