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2903 and 2904 computer systems, c.1976 Sunflowers, Vincent van Gogh, 1888, Bridgeman Art Library Tualet. Aleksei Gavrilovich Venetsianov, as reproduced by Zolotoe Runo, 1907 Avtoportret, Martiros Sergeevich Sarian
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the image credits

The first page of this website has a map of the UK, made up of a number of images from the AHDS Visual Arts Collections and other online digital collections. To view the image credits of the map image, please view the PDF or Word documents.

On each page of the rest of the site, there are images in the top right hand corner, the credits of which are as follows:

the home page
Figure Study - Seated Female Nude, Florence Camm (1874-1960).© For more information please contact the Keeper of Archives at BIAD
BA Textiles Graduated 1997, Clare Wright. © Clare Wright/Goldsmiths College University of London
"Green Perspex Bikini", Photographer unknown, 1973-09. © London College of Fashion
Bakst, Leon [Rozenberg, Lev Samoilovich], (1866-1924), ' Vestnik. Kostium. ('Ippolit') ', as reproduced in Zolotoe Runo, 1906. © Russian Visual Arts Project: University of Sheffield: University of Exeter

the 10 questions
Red Car, Paul Butler, circa 2003. © Paul Butler
Mantis, Simon Markwell, circa 2003. © Simon Markwell
Yellow-glazed porcelain bowl with a manganese rim, Lucie Rie, 1950s. © Mrs. Yvonne Mayer/Crafts Study Centre 2004
Modus Operandi VII, Paul Huxley (b. 1938). © Paul Huxley

the events
Bottles for hock and port, Gilbey Ltd., 1955. © Design Council and the Design History Research Centre, University of Brighton, For educational purposes only
Black Bodyscapes; Self-Portrait, Ajamu, 1993. © Ajamu, HE UK only
Knee boot, English, circa 1970. © LCF, HE/FE only
Chain Mail Glove, Tim Mara (d. 1997). © Belinda Mara

the documents
!Alerta Campesino!, Lujan, 1937. © Managed by the Imperial War Museum
[Untitled : bird and cherries], T. Packer, [186-?]. © UK HE only
Cottage (one of three tapestries), Elizabeth Peacock, 1960s. © Managed by the Crafts Study Centre
Colour exercise. Basic design work., Edith Horton, 1959. © NAEA Non-commercial

the background
'Peyumbra', Mary Farmer, 1980s. © Managed by the Crafts Study Centre
Spotlight on Top-Class Tailoring, Henry Poole, 1961. © London College of Fashion/The Woolmark Company
Aldershot Searchlight Tattoo, A.E. Halliwell, 1928. © A E Halliwell Estate Non-commercial
Jug, Patrick Caulfield (b. 1936). © Patrick Caulfield

the contact page
Stooky Bill TV (still from a video), David Hall (b. 1937). © David Hall, UK HE use only
Black and white photograph of Dorothy Larcher in a hat, Photographer unknown, 1930s. © Managed by the Crafts Study Centre
See Yourself In The Eyes Of Others, Francis Poole (b. 1978). © Francis Poole, UK HE use only
Woodcut [Portrait of a man wearing a fur collar], c.1500 - 1550. © University of the Arts London, Central Saint Martins Museum and Study Collection

the supporters and the image credits
'2903' and '2904' computer systems. Circa 1976. Manufacturer: International Computers Ltd. Consultant Industrial Designer: London & Upjohn (Firm). © The Design Council/The Manchester Metropolitan University.
Sunflowers, 1888, Gogh, Vincent van (1853-90)  /  National Gallery, London, UK  /
'Tualet' by Aleksei Gavrilovich Venetsianov (1780-1847), as reproduced by 'Zolotoe Runo' 1907, no. 7-8-9. © Russian Visual Arts Project: University of Sheffield: University of Exeter.
'Avtoportret' by Martiros Sergeevich Sar'ian (1880-1972), as reproduced in 'Zolotoe Runo' 1909, no. 6. © Russian Visual Arts Project: University of Sheffield: University of Exeter.

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